Why do I need two apps?

How does UBDI use my data?

How does digi.me manage to not touch, hold or see data while protecting me?

How long does it take to onboard to UBDI/Digi.me?

Why don't you just use blockchain for everything?

Is UBDI international?

How do I delete my data?

How do I logout?

How often are updates pushed?

How do I update UBDI/Digi.me to make sure I have the latest and greatest?

Logging in

What do I need to make an UBDI account?

I already made an account but I want to use Apple ID - what do I do?

I logged in with Apple ID and I think all my studies + money is gone - what do I do?

Digi.me connection & Data Source status

Who is your partner, digi.me?

How do I know I’ve correctly authorized digi.me to let me participate in studies with my consent?

How do I link data sources in UBDI/digi.me?

When I try to complete data study it says no data in vault - what does this mean?

I was just in the app - why does it make me update?

How do I know the state of my datasource?

Community Hub

Is there an UBDI referral program if I invite my friends?

Wallet / Payouts

How do you pay me?

Can I withdraw money by linking finance in digi.me?

Are there international payouts for UBDI?

How does getting paid out with Stripe work?