DEMO Video

UBDI is excited to announce the launch of our first series of demo and walkthrough videos, designed to help our users navigate the UBDI app, and better understand the mechanisms in place to protect their privacy, while providing insights to paying companies. 

Our video series will be broken up into pieces for both app users, and paying researchers. To get an overview of the UBDI app and how it interacts with and the research portal, we’ve put together a brief demonstration to cover everything you need to know to get started. 

If you’re a user in our app, your questions will be answered in UBDI Education.

Wondering why we use two apps?

Check out UBDI Education: Why do I need 2 apps? In this video, you’ll learn more about how protects you, and how using them to aggregate your data gives UBDI the insights we need, without ever knowing who you are. 

You can learn more about how you data is used UBDI Education: How does UBDI use my data? In this video, we’ll show you how UBDI uses your data to verify that you’re human, pre-qualify and match you with studies looking for people like you, before finally only sending the anonymized and aggregated results of the study to the researcher.

Once you’re caught up, you can claim your Universal Basic Data Income in less time than it takes to watch our videos.

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