Launching out of Beta and Proving Data Monetization Works

We are thrilled to announce today that we are officially launching out of beta. You can read our press announcement here.

We are so incredibly grateful to the thousands of early members of our community for helping us improve the UBDI app and the interactions with our data vault partner While there are a lot of improvements still to be made, we have proven together that people can privately monetize anonymized, aggregated insights from their data in research studies. This is a huge step in showing the world that people can participate in the economics of their data. Next up is showing we can generate over $1,000 per year for our members in just a couple of hours of work.

Our announcement also coincides with our participation in the “Wealth Building in a Digital Economy” conference in Palo Alto. Sponsored by The Bergrruen Institute, the Institute for the Future, the Aspen Institute and the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, the conference is bringing together some of the most thoughtful and passionate supporters of using data to develop new ways for people to create income, wealth and assets. We’ve been trying to tell anyone who will listen, this isn’t just an idea’s a movement. And it’s happening. Join us!

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