Learning How to Trade Cryptocurrencies with UBDI

UBDI just launched our crypto investor tribe with verified sources like Coinbase, Binance, Gemini, Robinhood, Uphold  & our investor tribe with Robinhood.

These tribes allow you to:

  1. Discuss current events and markets- As you can see you can post media and article links to discuss national or international markets. 

  1. Ask Polls and filter by attributes  - If you want some more detailed information to get a pulse on the market you can use the same tools Fortune 500 brands use at your fingertips to poll your fellow tribe members. You can filter by demographic information and soon trade amounts, job titles etc to see what different people of different backgrounds and thinking about the market. This can also help you filter out the noise if you are new to trading and only want to listen to specific people with alot of trades or solid portfolios instead of bots across other platforms. 

  1. Post verified data or trade for discussion - As you can see you can now post your actual trades. In other platforms people can tell you to buy and sell without verification of their holdings or positions AND without any verification they are even human. It’s time to talk with your trades. 

  1. View public streams of data that show you how others are reacting in the market - Don’t just take people’s word for it-- opt into the public stream and you’ll be able to see individual trades in real time while also seeing the big picture graph of market movement. We suggest you pair our graphs with other sources like Coinbase pro which show the big picture and use us to see the micro-trends across sectors.

  1. Soon you can follow your favorite traders and do as they do while learning about market signals  - While this last one isn’t in the app yet, soon you’ll be able to look at trades and go to people’s profiles to follow those you think could teach you the most about trading from any post, trade, etc. 

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