UBDI Update 3/10/2020

Mobile App

  • We deployed the first locally stored data sources Netflix and Amazon (you won't see these in your digi.me- don't be alarmed), and fixed bugs over the weekend to stabilize the new features (make sure your app is up to date!)
  • Still working to deploy an entirely new UI for initial onboarding screens
  • For users flagged by Hyperwallet who have expressed that they feel this was done by mistake, we are beginning a manual review process. We do truly apologize if this was done in error to anyone, figuring out who's legit out of 30,000 users can be difficult!
  • Deploying Looker in-app to share insights and visuals back with you!
  • Building out the ability to deliver clickable offers and ads in-app to get you payed for viewing personalized adverts!
  • If you know any startups, podcasts, or marketers who you think would be interested in running a trial with this new system, send them our way, so we can send them your way!
  • Turning on health records for the highest paying studies, this should help us re-engage with clients who expressed lots of interest in this feature early on due to the proprietary nature of the data

New Sources

  • Netflix, Amazon, and Apple Health are our first 3 data sources that are held on-device instead of inside of your personal private cloud.
  • Similarly to how digi.me allows us to query data on device from your digi.me data vault, these sources are unique and allow us to do the same right from your phone. The data will still remain entirely in your control, and will add far more data assets to your portfolio due to the nature of data downloads which "force" companies to return data to YOU!
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Example of UBDI Ads/Offers


  • Deploying Looker which will allow clients to more easily visualize data and run machine learning models while also sharing back insights with YOU after you swipe to send.
  • Working to integrate ads and offers into portal so anyone can quickly launch an ad to the community using data to make sure it's matched with the right audience
  • Adding the ability to estimate potential respondents before launching studies/ads
  • Opening up the portal to researchers and advertisers running studies that do not require data to be extracted to increase deal flow
  • Adding Braintree so clients can make direct payments to you in the UBDI portal (instead of us taking checks)
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UBDI Ads Builder


  • Launched Pandemic & Chill w/ Netflix!
  • Launched Pandemic Prepping w/ Amazon! View survey results
  • Andrew will be mocking up some visuals with this new data soon!
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Ridesharing Insights!

Growth, Partnerships, & Community

  • Continuing to work on raising our Seed fundraising round
  • Working to set up a study with Harvard Business School!
  • Running pilot studies w/ digi.me surrounding health records
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UBDI web extension

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