UBDI Update 1/07/2020

Mobile App

  • Working with digi.me who deployed initial fix of authentication issues (~70%). Continuing to investigate errors.
  • Paused studies will be re-opened as soon as we finish internal testing
  • Added variable payouts (based on # of sources) for a study launching soon!
  • Finalizing "groups" feature to allow UBDI members to earn together based on their interests and help plan which companies they think we should go after. For ex. Skiiers could go after North-face to share opinions about new winter gear line

Research Portal

  • Making improvements to business-facing research portal including adding features which will increase our ability to charge clients more for delivering studies to the "perfect audience" while minimizing necessary data.
  • Added groups functionality to portal so clients can send studies to specific groups.
  • Added audience buckets allowing clients to send studies to 100 females & 100 males for example.
  • Working on more automated integrations with visualization tools like Tableau for client results so that companies can run their analysis in our system without having to extract data onto a different server.
  • Improving clients ability to query data around industries like "beauty" in addition to specific merchants.
  • Continuing to learn from potential clients what their needs are to shift them from current model of data extraction to paying and respecting people


  • Paused "Political Involvement" finance study
  • Launched (paused) "AI & You"
  • Launched (paused) "University of Michigan" sentiment analysis study
  • Launched (paused) "Beauty & Influence"
  • Launched (paused) "Were you healthier in 2019?"
  • Launched "Part of the Solution" for Part of the Problem podcast listeners
  • Launched "Narrowing the field" live results
  • Launched & Completed "Going Flavorless" results
  • Launched & completed "Can everyone give?"
  • Running "Let's go to the movies" live results

Growth, Partnerships, & Community

  • We've reached 10,000 members!
  • Listen to our first podcast ad on the Part of the Problem podcast
  • Still waiting for KYC approval for global payouts (beginning integration with Braintree Jan. 11th). This will allow users to use PayPal or Venmo but unfortunately, despite finalizing their needed paperwork in Nov, we have to wait on them for the go-ahead. Trust us-- we're annoyed too! :(
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