UBDI Update 1/14/2020

Mobile App

  • Resolved most iOS authentication errors with digi.me who will be deploying a fix for Android Friday 1/17
  • Building and implementing new tools to detect fraudulent and scammer behavior prior to completing studies. We want to protect you from people who were trying to dilute the value of your data and the dollars we can provide to you
  • AKA don't try to make multiple accounts. We understand there is money on the table and every family has their needs, but the word Universal in Universal Basic Data Income will no longer include U
  • Adding small explainer for UBDI points in-app
  • Working on notifications unique to members when they are matched to studies (currently notifications must go to all devices)
  • Finalizing work on groups to allow users to earn with members who share similar interests.

Research Portal

  • Building a Catalogue of common merchants and categories to give clients the ability to minimize data extracted from a device for additional security.
  • Creating demo accounts for clients to explore the platform and submit orders
  • Working to prepare insights from past studies for current and prospective clients
  • *You may have noticed a decrease in studies-- this is so that our team can focus on generating insights for prospective clients and get them hooked on the new model!*


Due to digi.me authentication errors, many studies were paused, these will be re-opened soon with more in the pipeline as soon as the Android fix is deployed 1/15.

  • Running "University of Michigan" sentiment analysis study
  • Running "Beauty & Influence"
  • Running "Narrowing the field" live results
  • Launched (paused) "Were you healthier in 2019?"
  • Launched & Completed "A digi.me kinda day"
  • Launched "Part of the Solution" for Part of the Problem podcast listeners
  • Completed "Let's go to the movies" live results

Growth, Partnerships, & Community

  • We've reached 13,000 members!
  • We've now helped out members aggregate 1,000,000,000 data points in their digi.me data vaults.
  • *numbers may shift slightly as we remove fraudulent accounts
  • We have received KYC approval for international payouts, Paypal, and Venmo and can begin deploying these to the app as soon as we receive the final developer documentation.
  • We're looking for a data scientist! If you're interested you can apply here
  • Beginning the process of creating new pitch decks and investor documentation for our next fundraising round
  • Looking under every rock we can to find new studies for YOU!

Live Dashboard 1/14

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