UBDI Update 11/19/2019

Mobile App

  • Added Google Fit as a data source. *this will require all users to update the app
  • Added study payouts based on number of data sources linked
  • Removed linking animation after initial source linking
  • Ran user testing on initial on-boarding and data sync steps
  • Resolved issue with iOS notifications
  • Updated "why do I need 2 apps?" video with new audio
  • Removed summary box in the tags and data sources section of PrivateMatch


  • Launched "Puffing Perceptions" study to gauge attitudes towards vaping follow along
  • Launched "UBI & You" to study basic income favorability follow along
  • Launched "UBDI Voting Poll" to study the 2020 election follow along
  • Launched "Which Advert Wins?" to ask our members which UBDI ads resonated with them, results
  • Closed "CBD and Me" after meeting our necessary sample size!
  • Launched University of Michigan study for School of Information to analyze sentiment around school events such as GameDay, Finals, Etc.

Growth, Partnerships, and Community

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