UBDI Update 11/26/2019

Mobile App

  • Added example indicators to the top of the data sources tab (in the PrivateMatch section) to explain the meaning of source linking icons.
  • Added numbers to steps 1, 2, 3 (next to icons for digi.me, PrivateMatch, and Opportunities) in the onboarding steps box at the top of the studies tab.
  • Added "What are tags?" explainer to the top of the tags section in PrivateMatch
  • Fixed bug with checkmarks not appearing after completing an onboarding step
  • Added number of accounts for each source connected
  • Adjusted data point total to reflect live totals, fixed bug showing 0 datapoints for some users
  • Beginning implementation of Apple login for iOS users
  • Finalized design of "Groups" section to help you earn in teams!
  • Ran our first Twitter poll to get digi.me design input from members, with one design now going into the development pipeline!


  • Launched "Nov. 20 Debate" study to gauge attitudes after the democratic debate
  • Launched "Too soon for Christmas jingles" to study attitudes about Christmas song timing (Spotify required)
  • Relaunched "CBD & Me" to reach more female respondents
  • Sent final results of "CBD & Me" to client for review
  • Preparing studies for Black Friday, Thanksgiving Fitness and more!
  • Adding functionality to DaaS at the request of clients

Growth, Partnerships, & Community

  • We've reached 3,000+ members!
  • A big welcome to our waitlist, thanks for your patience while we worked out some bugs! Make sure you enter the custom tag in the email to qualify for a special study!
  • Finalizing terms with partner for global payments, we negotiated heavily discounted fees!
  • UBDI CEO Dana Budzyn mentioned in Lehigh Engineering article
  • UBDI introduced at OpenX Open Banking workshop in Sydney, Australia
Post image

Post image
UBDI CEO Dana Budzyn attends Council on Foreign Relations event with Kal Penn

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