UBDI Update 11/5/2019

Mobile App

  • Fixed bug causing app to crash during digi.me authorization.
  • Updated to new digi.me SDK on iOS and Android featuring "implicit sync"
  • Removed case sensitivity for usernames
  • Removed template from "forgot my password" phone number field, to identify dashes, and parenthesis and other international formatting options to fix issues resetting accounts
  • Setup and testing of in-app push notification system to notify members when new studies become available
  • Added messaging asking users for wait for data to import into digi.me before participating in studies and messaging around the status of your data sources in PrivateMatch


  • Launched our first data insights study called "Specialty Products" to study CBD adoption and perception
  • Launched our second data insights study called “Getting Around Town” to study Uber and Lyft

Growth, Partnerships, & Community

  • We've reached 1,500+ members!
  • Mark interviews Luke Mulks of Brave browser on the Cryptoconomy podcast
  • Team prepares to attend TMRE Conference and speak with MRX industry leaders and connect with brands who want to shift to a better more fair data economy
  • Formal launch of the UBDI affinity program, if you’re an interested non-profit, send an email to sales@ubdi.com
  • Mark and Dana attend the Basic Income March in DC!

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