UBDI Update 12/03/2019

Mobile App

  • Added re-sync button below Data Sources and are fixing clarity on what is link vs what needs to be updated in an UBDI session prior to entering studies- Added language to indicate when sources need to be updated/re-synced- Bug fixed causing financial sources to stop updating in u/ after connecting
  • Apple Login Added (This will create a new account, make sure to enter a US phone # starting with +1 in Community --> Settings ---> Account Info)
  • Groups (similar to reddit) of verified individuals to work in teams to earn for ppl like them started
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  • Paused "Too soon for Christmas jingles" to study attitudes about Christmas song timing
  • Closed "CBD & Me" to once female respondent goal was reached
  • Relaunched "Getting around town" study for Uber & Lyft (Finance required)
  • Opened the "Waiting on the economy" study to all members
  • Launched "Holiday Fitness" study (Fitbit, Garmin, OR Google Fit required)
  • Launched "Holiday Shopping" study (Finance required)
  • Launched "Holiday Wishlist" study (Pinterest required)
  • Preparing "Community Youtube Favorites" study (Youtube required)

Growth, Partnerships, & Community

  • We've reached 3,500+ members!
  • Our student team has begun sending invitations to University of Michigan study participants
  • UBDI prepares formal launch press release
  • Scott meets up with one of our most supportive UBDI community members
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