UBDI Update 12/10/2019

Mobile App

  • Because digi.me was updating while users waited in a study, we created a new flow that will allow you to minimize the study until sources are updated in digi.me. The minimize screen will tell you when a study is ready to go, which means you should only need to wait for files to fetch, removing some frustration caused by feeling "stuck" in a study during this process. (Releasing this week)
  • Some users were missing out on studies because they hadn't fully entered their private match tags. We're adding a feature which will allow users to enter their match tags and save them prior to entering a study that requires them.
  • Setting up new monetary reward system for referring friends in the Community Hub
  • If you're an existing user wanting to now use AppleID to login, it will create two UBDI accounts, which we will manually have to merge. If you plan to do this, please shake the phone to get in contact with our developers. Remember, payouts can only be sent to the account with your US phone number in the profile.


  • Completed "Holiday Fitness" (Fitbit, Garmin, OR Google Fit required)
  • Completed "Holiday Shopping" (Finance required)
  • Completed "Holiday Wishlist" (Pinterest required)
  • Launched & Completed "Holiday Food Delivery"
  • Launched "What's the hot hashtag?"
  • Launched "Let's go to the movies"
  • Launched "What's our community vibe?" (Donate)
  • Launched "Veterans & You" (Donate)
  • Relaunched "UBI & You" (Donate)
  • Opened "Movers & shakers" study to all members

Growth, Partnerships, & Community

  • UBDI reaches 5,600+ members!
  • UBDI is featured on the Research Geek Podcast & Blog
  • UBDI adds an additional team member to help with support!
  • UBDI press release featured in Yahoo!
  • UBDI starts first ad partnership with Brave Browser
  • UBDI tweets "@Netflix"
  • UBDI featured in TedX talk by Jennifer Zhu Scott (technologist & consultant to the Season 5 of the HBO show Silicon Valley!)
  • UBDI team attends Institute for Education panel on facial recognition
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TedX talk by Jennifer Zhu Scott

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Institute for Education panel

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