UBDI Update 12/24/2019

Mobile App

  • Added give $1 get $1 for referral codes. Head to the community hub to invite friends and earn up to $25!
  • Testing "groups" feature to allow UBDI members to earn together based on their interests
  • Began work on new, more visual on-boarding explanations
  • Finalizing work on the addition of Apple Health as a data source
  • Added new screens for adding data sources while unlocking studies


  • Launched "Can everyone give?"
  • Launched "Post-debate Poll" live results
  • Launched "December Debate" (Finance required)
  • Running "Let's go to the movies" live results
  • Completed "Let's play a game" (Finance required)
  • Re-opened "Holiday Fitness Trends" (Wearable or Google Fit required)
  • Get to know ours members with the results of "What's the community vibe?"

Growth, Partnerships, & Community

  • UBDI reaches 6550+ members!
  • Catch a re-airing of Dana's NPR interview on Christmas Day!
  • Still waiting for KYC approval for global payouts (Beginning integration with Braintree Jan. 11th)
  • Worked on creatives and copy for holiday ad campaigns
  • Began work with UBDI Australia partner Faster Horses on creating insights from studies

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