UBDI Update 2/11/2020

Digi.me Continued Auth Failures :(

  • digi.me released a fix for expiring Google Drive and Onedrive tokens that was causing authorization errors, unfortunately after this release, it does not appear to be the root cause
  • After the 2/10 release to 4.3.2 iOS auth errors were reduced from 36% to 16%
  • After the 2/10 release to 4.3.2 Android auth errors remained at 40%
  • Tomorrow, a new logging system will be introduced in digi.me to help them diagnose the underlying cause of the errors
  • If you're experiencing these errors while re-syncing digi.me, we suggest shaking the digi.me app to report the issue directly (otherwise we simply pass the bug reports in UBDI to digi.me after sorting through any that might be specific to UBDI.
  • We have paused most studies in the interim, so you won't be missing out, we're as frustrated as you are, but are working hard to find clients to launch studies as soon as this is resolved.

Mobile App

  • Waiting on final approval from Hyperwallet which is set for end of day today, once the account is funded payouts will resume!
  • Apple Health has been finalized and in it's final stages of testing, it will be a live data source by the end of this week.
  • Shifting focus to local notifications for studies (so you don't have to check the app until there is money waiting for you!). Early members will get priority notifications.
  • Working to create a data source based on location data for more on-going studies with consistent payouts
  • Preparing new consent forms and protocols for health record data source, while preparing business models for ad & offer matching based on these records. Did you know that it costs $80+ per click to advertise to mesothelioma patients on Google, and that's without the ability to confirm those clicking are affected patients. Here's a fun list of the most expensive Google keywords, wouldn't it be great to cut Google out of the equation?
  • Testing Cyclic CA to reduce the need to open the digi.me app.
  • Removed users with multiple accounts from the system (you may notice a slight drop in user numbers, we believe in honesty and transparency, even if it's inconvenient)
  • Adding a tag for "Halal" in diet per a member's suggestion, and also tags for recreational habits like vaping and cannabis usage.


  • Finalizing results visualization tools inside portal for clients without tableau experts on staff.
  • Expanded our architecture to support sources outside of digi.me including apple health as it can be queried locally and instantly on device
  • Working to create buckets for nationally representative samples
  • Building the ability to query S&P 500 Merchants with a single quick for stock market insights
  • Our data scientist has been working to help us generate new insights the data contributed to studies by the community, here's his latest & greatest!

Post image
How likely are you to buy the next xbox?


  • Here's how UBDI members who subscribe to Hulu, Disney Plus, or Netflix felt about the oscars!
  • Launched our first matching by data study "PC Parts" to match users who make electronics purchases with a study comparing national electronics retailers
  • Launching "Pain & Gain" to study how high impact athletes deal with recovery and their interest in new medical devices.

Growth, Partnerships, & Community

  • Finalizing our pitch deck for our seed round fundraise
  • UBDI hits #818,000 in Alexa website rankings. Help us edge out competitors by visiting our site!
  • Working on closing study deals from SampleCon in Atlanta
  • We have added Matt Guthrie to our sales team, so if you know someone interested in doing research with UBDI, send them his way!

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