UBDI Update 2/18/2020

Digi.me Continued Auth Failures :(

  • digi.me deployed an update on Friday 14th for android (Version 4.3.2) that is showing a significant reduction in auth errors. It's estimated the original 40% is down to 10%.
  • digi.me deployed an update to iOS on Monday 17th (4.4.0) which has reduced iOS auth errors to 8%.

PROGRESS!! Hip hip hooray!

Mobile App

  • We have received final approval from Hyperwallet and integrated the service into the app, we're now waiting for funds to transfer from our bank account to Hyperwallet via an ACH transfer (funds from Stripe to our bank account have arrived).
  • Apple Health has been finalized as a datasource and should now appear in the app under Data Sources in the PrivateMatch tab
  • US Finance has been separated from Global finance (we use Plaid for US and other providers for global financial connections), please connect the source for your region.
  • Continuing work on local notifications for studies (so you don't have to check the app until there is money waiting for you!). Early members will get priority notifications.
  • Working to create a data source based on location data for more on-going studies with consistent payouts
  • Testing Cyclic CA to reduce the need to open the digi.me app.
  • Working on a ability to follow up with small groups of members for higher paying follow-up opportunities that will allow researchers to ask you "why"
  • Working to improve PrivateMatch utilizing Cyclic CA so that studies can be matched utilizing data in a private and secure way.
  • Finalizing new consent forms and protocols for health record data source, while preparing business models for ad & offer matching based on these records. Did you know that it costs $80+ per click to advertise to mesothelioma patients on Google, and that's without the ability to confirm those clicking are affected patients. Here's a fun list of the most expensive Google keywords, wouldn't it be great to cut Google out of the equation?


  • Deploying results visualization tools inside portal for clients without tableau experts on staff, this will also enable live dashboards which will update as data is contributed.
  • Continuing to work on creating buckets for nationally representative samples
  • Still working on the ability to query S&P 500 Merchants with a single quick for stock market insights
  • Building tools to identify scammers and process manual payouts when necessary
  • Working on .edu verification to prove enrollment at specific universities for some studies
  • Prioritizing additional sources to add based on client feedback
  • Exploring the use of digi.me's postbox feature for adding data from unsupported sources: https://api.digi.me/apps/netflix-app/


  • Continuing our first matching by data study "PC Parts" to match users who make electronics purchases with a study comparing national electronics retailers
  • Finishing "Pain & Gain" to study how high impact athletes deal with recovery and their interest in new medical devices.
  • Continuing "Following the Gang" to study attitudes of verified Andrew Yang supporters after his withdrawal from the Democratic race
  • Added case studies to our website for potential clients
  • Our data scientist has been working to help us generate new insights the data contributed to studies by the community, here's his latest & greatest from our Holiday Food Delivery study!
Post image
UBDI Food Delivery Market Share

Post image
Food Delivery Demographic Breakdown

Post image
Merchants where members forgot they ordered from (but their data didn't!)

Growth, Partnerships, & Community

  • Sending out our pitch deck for our seed round fundraise, if you know any accredited investors, introduce them to UBDI!
  • UBDI hits #816,000 in Alexa website rankings. Help us edge out competitors by visiting our site!
  • Working to launch a pilot program at a top Australian University
  • Still working on closing study deals from SampleCon in Atlanta

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