UBDI Update 2/4/2020

Mobile App

  • Finished testing Hyperwallet integration which will replace Stripe and give you Paypal & Venmo optionality
  • Payout issues issues have been resolved through Stripe but non-unique users were still able to cash out with overseas banks and SSN's. Since they were wiping out the balance before we could payout our honest participants, we have paused payouts until Hyperwallet is implemented with advanced fraud detection controls. This will be live in 5 days according to our Hyperwallet representative.
  • We can't stop the scammers from entering but we can do our part to stop them from taking your money. We've paused studies and been hard at work implementing multiple systems to identify our scammers and kick them out. While it's frustrating to pause studies at such a critical time in our life, there is no time like the present to make sure we are as fraud & bot free as possible, which will lead to better results and give companies yet ANOTHER reason to shift their pockets to you!
  • Built local Apple Health integration. This integration is away from digi.me as we can do it securely, and instantaneously on your device. We are finishing the backend architectural changes.
  • We will also begin testing Health record functionality this month, which will unlock opportunities with much higher-paying researchers in the healthcare industry who would like to ask (for example) if people with knee surgery are improving using a new medical device.
  • Integrating Cyclic CA with digi.me. What the heck is Cyclic CA you ask? This will make it so that the majority of time your session with us won't run out and we won't ping pong you between the two apps anymore!
  • Adding extra descriptors to study details pages to continue to build transparency into the app


  • Testing & finalizing functionality to only show surveys on devices where data matches the query (like Bestbuy shopper). We've had many large clients request this feature and once implemented it should help us attract clients that waste 50%-70% of research spend of finding verified respondents that fit their study criteria.
  • Whiping past study results from our servers with he exception of our most successful 30 studies, which our new data scientist has begun reviewing for insights.
  • Onboarding digi.me to the portal so they can pay YOU to test issues with their app.
  • Working on better results visualization tools inside portal for clients without tableau experts on staff.
  • Created and mapped a catalogue of merchant categories so clients can easily query things like "Beauty Store Purchases"
  • Finalizing a 30 page document laying out security protocols and terms or use for clients.


While most studies are paused, here are the results of some studies you were kind enough to donate to for UBDI Points.

Growth, Partnerships, & Community

  • We've reached 26,000 members!
  • UBDI hits #850,000 in Alexa website rankings. Help us edge out competitors by visiting our site!
  • Adding finance as a datasource in Australia so our partner Faster Horses of UBDI Australia can begin fielding studies.
  • UBDI is headed to SampleCon in Atlanta, one of the biggest conventions in the world for sourcing both surveys and market research deals. We have meetings set up all week which we hope will get you more studies through the system for you.
  • Dana meets with other DC startup founders at the Entrepreneurs Align event
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Entrepreneurs Align event

Digi.me Update

Digi.me built and implemented an improved logging systems to track these auth failures. Unfortunately, this puts us in a crappy situation because we need people to go into the system to test it to find the bugs, but the minute we put a study to test it we are overloaded with support tickets etc. It is frustrating, but it too shall pass! We are users and testers of our own app so when we say it's top priority -- it is TIPPY TOP PRIORITY.
New Data Scientist is on board WOOP WOOP. He is starting to create visuals as case studies so we can ramp up our efforts to get clients and get you studies. He's been hard at work making visualizations like this to entice clients who can bring YOU more studies. Here's an example output of a food delivery study we ran over the holidays to analyze where and when people with different attributes order pizza.

Post image

What our clients want to see!

He is also helping clean up the data. One thing you may not realize is that data ain't perfect. Let's walk you through a few scenarios that we are busy building models for.

  • Fitbit: You may be entering your fitbit data in a study, but what if you forgot to charge it for 2 days? What does that mean in comparison to others that had it completly charged and how does it affect the data?
  • Financial data: If someone query Domino's vs Dominos the query can fail, or even searching for UNITED but it has a number attached can shift a query to study things "similar" to United which could be any company with United as a name. Solving these types of data quality issues can launch us miles ahead of our competitors and make UBDI a reality.

I wish I could say that by just having data that it in and of itself is valuable, but the truth is it's how you slice/dice and present it. So while we are a small but mighty team, these types of issues take time and energy but once these problems are solved, we can return the most value to you, your friends, your families and the rest of the world.

I'm sorry if it feels like without studies that things aren't moving--- I assure you lots is happening in the background and that is why we are here to keep you informed and on the journey with us. We're exploring everything from startup research for investors (just closed one!), to quantitative finance (a new partnership pending) to training AI, to get as many studies in from of you as possible.
No, we are not a scam and just secretly hoarding your data.. we are people too, and we're here to make sure that if we succeed, the members that helped get us there do too. If it was that easy, someone would've achieved it by now so we ask for your help and patience as we fight the big fight.

With alotta love for squad de la UBDI from your friendly neighborhood CEO,

- Dana

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