UBDI Update 3/3/2020

Mobile App

  • Hyperwallet appears to be working as now as designed, we have been able to catch roughly 250 users who had made multiple accounts and were attempting to spoof their locations to receive multiple payouts, you may notice some of these users posting about being banned.
  • Finalizing deployment of non-digi.me sources Netflix and Amazon which will allow data to be stored on-device instead of digi.me
  • Working to deploy an entirely new UI for initial onboarding screens
  • Bug reports are down nearly 90% YAY!


  • Working to deploy Looker which will allow clients to more easily visualize data and run machine learning models while also sharing back insights with YOU after you swipe to send.
  • Developing a web app/extension to allow for easy linking & downloading of data from sources (We've learned that several we do have are not as lucrative or not enough people were linking the accounts via digi.me so we have slightly shifted our focus to rapidly add the most valuable sources that digi.me was unable to integrate with (like Netflix!).
  • Added Intercom to allow clients to chat with our sales and BD team inside the portal
  • Added fraud detection tools to flag duplicate data and poor responses
  • Added methodology to local notifications to prioritize early members


  • Working to finalize project scope with 3 fortune 500 brands for high paying studies! YAY!!
  • Our data scientist has been working to help us generate new insights the data contributed to studies by the community, here's his latest & greatest from our Political Polling study.
Post image
Party voting in 2016 vs 2020

Post image
Who's your first choice? Who would you never pick (inside the bars)?

Post image
Most important issues to supporters of each candidate

Growth, Partnerships, & Community

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It may seem like UBDI has slowed down, but we promise we've been hard at work developing the infrastructure to make this business as sustainable and profitable for you as possible. This means quickly adapting to what our clients want, while minimizing the effort it takes you to get it to them. For example, a client recently requested Netflix for a large study about viewing behavior, so we've added it on-device without the need for digi.me (should be live soon!). We're constantly developing features that give you back your most valuable data, ultimately allowing us to match you with the companies that can't get it anywhere else. Selling something that companies shared with one another for free can be difficult at times, but the first hand-full of sales are always the hardest. We can't thank you enough for sticking with us as we disrupt an industry that can be hesitant to trust new-entrant. If you know the right person to help us sell the UBDI platform to companies and researchers, shoot us a message because we're hiring!

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