UBDI Update 6/18/20

Mobile App:

  • Ability to post your own polls is now live! Give it a try by clicking the “+” inside a tribe!
  • Hearts added as replacement for up and downvotes and abiility to pull down to refresh polls added
  • Implemented the data stories to the backend
  • Finished adding data sources - Google Fit and YouTube while Apple Health was taken out while pending an Apple Review
  • Working on Dog group (with picture + video upload from camera roll)
  • Working on Coinbase integration for our special crypto investor group
  • Working on media bigger so not so much text and less heavy on the eyes while scrolling
  • Designed and working to integrate 5-10 screens per source for in-app personal data insights

Known Fixes

  • We know that the counts of traits have fluctuated between negative and positive, with often inaccurate numbers, these should be fixed next week!
  • Fixing sources going blank after updating the app
  • We are aware of some crashes that sometimes results from filtering polls by traits since we just added political parties and preferences (we got excited and added them quickly) these bugs should be resolved by next week


  • Still running COVID studies parts 2 and 3 for Commonwealth
  • $180 follow up available to those whose financial data qualifies them!
  • Reminder: We were fortunate enough to talk with hundreds of big medium and small brands and it all came down to the number of users with number of linked sources so don't worry we know we can get them we just know we need to get our community growing and engaged to get those $ studies for you. Hold tight!

New Improvements:

  • New front page of the ubdi.com check it out!
  • Added Animations and text explaining new direction and features
  • See our new personal insights added to the website!


  • Finalizing investor deck to begin UBDI seed round pitches
  • Beginning influencer focus groups to discuss new features
  • UBDI has new summer interns: A big welcome to Frank, Niki, and Ashley who are already making things run much more smoothly!
  • Uphold: Finishing integration and partnership details so you can quite literally turn data into gold. Yes we know this will be annoying for the people who've had past wallets with us… but to reduce scammers & give as much freedom and good cost as possible we feel uphold is an excellent solution, which can also help us expand our user base by introducing millions of uphold members to UBDI!

Our final infrastructure changes should be done by next week! Thanks for pardoning our dust while we try to revamp the UBDI platform to make it more engaging so we can make your data as valuable as we all know it is.

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