UBDI Update 6/2/2020

We know the world is crazy, and we’ve been hard at work trying to fix the parts we think we can improve with the UBDI platform. Monetizing data isn’t easy, clients are used to scale at the size of Facebook (1B+), making it difficult for them to understand the value that can derived from just tens of thousands -- especially when their profit comes from reach, engagement and attention as people continuously come back to the platform to view and add information.

UBDI’s mission is and will always be empowering people with their data to create a Universal Basic Data Income. Period. End of Story. To get there though, some changes needed to be made.

We’re in the process of building (you’ll probably notice some transition states in the app) a safe place where you can anonymously communicate, learn, and earn from your data with communities of people like you.

We recognized early on that there were a variety of growing pains that made linking sources burdensome, and led to long wait times for updates, failed data fetches and authorizations (oh man, those authorizations!) and an architecture that was often more confusing than alleviating (like the two app system).

So we’ve been working hard to

  • Mitigate pain-points by:
  • Linking API’s directly with UBDI (so it can be a one app system, while more easily blocking fraudulent data contributions)
  • Ensuring this structure continues our mission to legally and technically protect you even from us
  • Most sources are now integrated and we are waiting on developer approval
  • Creating anonymous and private social features
  • Tribes which will allow users to privately communicate in interest groups, using data to amplify the attributes we’re most proud of
  • Ability to vote and post polls (coming this week) with data analytics so you can see what people like (or unlike) you think about an issue or topic. Initially you will be able to add links and (next week) we will add pictures and video -- so get ready to see lots of pictures of my dog in an animals group
  • Ability to anonymously comment & respond and soon… generate and choose the public traits and insights you want others to see when you comment like your Call of Duty K/D, when you first invested in Bitcoin, or how much you spend on tacos (coming soon)
  • More features coming this summer below!
  • New ways to earn
  • Imagine if advertisers going to Facebook or Twitter went directly to you! With all your data attributes in one place, we’re creating the best place to shift your attention, while paying you for it!
  • Continued proof points
  • We hope this passive engagement and feedback will open up new earning avenues (like personalized offers and ads) which will allow you to earn as you engage. These features will NOT be replacing studies -- in fact, we’re currently running COVID studies with the potential to earn up to $180!
  • Features coming this summer
  • Eventually, we’ll utilize the data to create fun competitions that mobilize tribes through the offering of cash awards for running the longest, gaming most, or securing the best returns on your investments.
  • Notifications so you actually know someone responded to your comments
  • Data insight stories (we’ll save this as a surprise for you but WE ARE HYPED)
  • Public vs Private traits on comments to show your clout
  • Specialized tribes that utilize public apis to generate fun and interactive insights
  • Reducing payout friction and fees
  • We’re experimenting/exploring with Uphold: This new wallet will quite literally allow you to trade your data, for gold! We hope this new payout experience would give our domestic and international users the flexibility to cheaply withdraw in the currency, or asset they feel most comfortable holding. Lower fees, better UX-- time will tell.

While opinion data is great, our mission has never been to be a survey app, instead, we have been fighting for individuals to be fairly compensated for the data they generate every day. By adding engaging features, we’re creating more ways for users to be paid for their data, while learning and engaging with other users.

We understand that these are BIG changes and that some members may not love them in their early stages. We’ll continue to listen and learn from the community to understand how our new features are being received while we create a system built to last so all of you can thrive.


If you’re having trouble with the app make sure it’s updated to the newest version (we push updates all the time!) We’ve also made this easier to find! If that doesn’t work, you can always shake the app to report the bug to support.

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