Get in front of the right audience, every time

Send ads and offers to your competitor’s customers or get deep insights into the audience your ad resonates most with.

Advertising is about to take a huge hit, don’t get left behind. Reach the right audience, and reduce wasted ad spend, without invading their privacy

less ad revenue in the absence of cookies according to Google experiments and research
drop in ad prices year over year for Safari with the absence of 3rd party cookies accorindg to Apple
estimated online spend is wasted according to MediaOcean

More verified data than Google without backdoor surveillance

Unlike Google and Facebook with UBDI you can target people who:

-  Spends more than $800 a week at your competitor
-  Listens to a podcast similar to the one you’re promoting
-  Watches shows in certain genres on Netflix
-  Had a knee surgery in the past 3 months
-  Heavily invests in cryptocurrencies on Coinbase
-  Buys a product substitute on Amazon

Not only do you get better results, with UBDI you build a trusted 2-way relationship by putting money directly into your customers pockets

Follow up and ask the “why” or see if your ad led to a purchase

For poorly performing ads, send short surveys to learn more about why different segments of customers didn’t engage, or see what else they bought after seeing it

Say goodbye to passive engagements

Our members are paid after viewing your link for either 10 or 30 seconds, ensuring they take the time to familiarize themselves with what you’re offering

UBDI ads are cheaper, easier, and more targeted

In three easy steps, you can launch ads to our app and web extensions to start getting clicks in seconds

Consolidate your social media campaigns

Not only can you target by the same criteria found on Linked In B2B ads, Google search product placements or Apple App store ads, but you also have the ability to seamlessly combine them for data-verified microtargeting