Do more with PrivateMatch.

Get 90/10 results with UBDI audience, reach real & everyday consumers with our proprietary PrivateMatch Technology

The current panel quality in MR should have you questioning your ROI

Firms throw out 30%
of results

from survey completes due to fraud, bots, gibberish, speedsters, duplicates

Samples are not representative

due to lack of monetary incentives and the time required to participate

Respondents are unthoughtful not honest

poor data quality due to boredom, over-inundated with surveys etc.

But now there is a better way...

Privately Match using our 200+ tags

We use verified data and user contributed tags to privately match & pre-qualify users with studies based on demographics, interests, hobbies, values, and/or preferences.

Tags are validated with data so you can now deliver targeted studies to verified users without violating their privacy: e.g. moms, runners, college degrees, coffee drinkers, etc.

On device analytics & edge processing protects both companies and users

Matching happens on-device, so neither UBDI nor UBDI partners have personally identifiable information- protecting all parties. Data is then queried on device so you can study anonymous, aggregated information with limited liability & risk!

Privately Match using our proprietary data filter

Looking for people who have spent more than $100 on Amazon in the last week? Or who listened to Beyonce in the last hour? Now you can reach your perfect audience and respect their privacy.

Our audience builder includes a proprietary data filter system to match you with the people you want to ask a question or look at other important pieces of their lives.