Do more with PrivateMatch

Reach real & everyday consumers with our proprietary PrivateMatch Technology while respecting their privacy and anonymity, In less than half the time!

The current panel quality in Market Research should have you questioning your ROI

30% of results from surveys are thrown out due to fraud

Between bots, gibberish, speedsters, duplicates & human recall and it’s no wonder the industry is in trouble

Samples are far from representative

 Due to the time required to participate and lack of monetary incentives 

Poor data quality

 as a result of respondent’s unthoughtful answers from boredom and being over-inundated with survey

But now there is a better way...

We’ve got your basics and more with 200+ match tags

Easily bucket your perfect audience segments with verified data and user contributed tags to privately match with pre-qualified users in seconds. Match based on demographics, interests, hobbies, values, and/or preferences.

Tags are validated with data so you can now deliver targeted studies to verified users without violating their privacy: e.g. moms, runners, college degrees, coffee drinkers, etc.

Use our proprietary PrivateMatch data filter

Now you can reach your perfect audience and respect their privacy. Using decentralized micro-targeting with edge processing and machine learning, our audience builder instantly matches you with people you want to request data from or ask questions for rich insights.

On device analytics & edge processing protects both companies and users

Data is queried on device so you can study anonymous, aggregated information with limited liability & risk! Users hold the only keys to their data vault so you can be sure all data is consented to and will keep you compliant with changing regulations.