Reinventing research & insights with permission and privacy

Revolutionize your customer understanding and relationship with the UBDI Research Suite. UBDI delivers you the perfect verified audience with privacy and user permission in less than half the time of traditional research. Our tools can give you access to the deepest, most comprehensive understanding of the U.S., UK, and Australian consumer with an average of 66k data points and attributes. Our model sets the standard for GDPR, CCPA compliance reducing your liability and risk by making customers part of the equation.

You seamlessly build a study in 3 easy steps, you’ll reveal dynamic, new insights about your customers and prospects in days instead of months!

Privately Match in seconds

Match with consumers verified by data, not their opinion

The Health Conscious Millennial

Runs multiple times a week
Purchases food from health conscious stores
Engages with health food recipes & meal prep
Data verified with

The Frequent Flyer

Spends over $10,000 a year on JetBlue and Southwest
Watches adventure
travel tv shows
Tweets at airlines
about experiences
Data verified with

The Engaged in Politics

Donates money to
political candidates
Follows his/her party
of choice social media
Regularly listens to
political podcasts
Data verified with

The Subscription Lover

FabFit Fun boxes, Wine
Club membership, Rent the Runway
Podcast subscriber
Fitness subscription
Amazon prime member
Data verified with

The possibilities are endless: Make any combitionation you desire with data across hundreds of sources in less than 5 minutes. You don’t have to be a data scientist!

Extract the insights from data you need with reduced liability and risk

With UBDI, we transform permissioned data across 100’s of linked sources into insights that drive action, growth and revenue.

Ask to collect things like:

-  Youtube subscriptions
-  Listening history on spotify
-  Beauty purchase amount from transaction history
-  Additional allergies from apple health
-  Brand mentions on twitter
-  Etc. etc!

From concept to perception testing and everything in between, UBDI data has helped…
A new medical device company price test their new product with people who take part in high impact sports from Orange Theory, Soul Cycle, Crossfit and more
A media company test ad concepts for an upcoming campaign and learn about the demographics, youtube channels, and netflix watch history of those who had the most positive response
A large retailer test brand perception of CBD for possible new product in their stores for both verified CBD users and non-CBD users
A beauty company analyze what influencer is worth investing in
A political campaign get a pulse on how vaping laws would affect 5% of the liberaterian party and CBD/non CBD users and their votes

Survey your audience to ask the “why” or pair human answers with data

With UBDI, we transform permissioned data across 100’s of linked sources into insights that drive action, growth and revenue.

Follow up with the perfect audience to ask the "why"

Query data so you can follow up with a survey or focus group. Ask fewer questions and get more accurate answers to find impactful insights. Simply filter your audience with queries until you have the ideal audience who can answer your questions.