UBDI data is better data.

Get access to better, richer, more accurate data & insights - ethically sourced from the UBDI community. Your customers, and regulators, will appreciate it.

Minimize human recall & let data do the talking

"What is your favorite brand?", "Where do you shop?", "What did you spend on Amazon this month?"-- Even when good people aren't trying to game the system, the truth is, they can't remember. Ask the data instead. It saves people time and you money as you reach an actionable insight faster.

"The growing catalog offers clean, structured data from many of the most used services in the world, which means a user’s digi.me library can quickly grow into tens of thousands of unique, authenticated data points." - MarTech

Big data is clunky, messy, & hard to work with so we put 1000s of sources into one format

Our data is normalized & standardized across thousands of sources into a single format​ making it easier to understand and get the insights you need..

Our research portal lets you visualize and query data so whether you ask questions about spending at restaurants, travel, or electronics or analyze how your brand is viewed on social media-- it's just a few clicks.

You can also write your own SQL and query the most powerful legal dataset available.

Get a longitudinal 360 behavioral view from 1000s
of data sources

Get a holistic view of consumer behavior spanning years in length, with permission and find unexpected insights.
Sources include:

- Financial​: CC, Debit cards, and bank accounts
- Social: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest & more
- Wearables: Fitbit, Garmin, Google Fit
- Lifestyle: Youtube, Spotify
- Health: Cerner, Epic, BlueButton, NHS

Accurate & authorized making UBDI the gold standard of GDPR/CCPA compliance

Our data is accurate & authorized from users logging in with their credentials and taking control of their data.

- Users enter credentials into their own accounts and cannot edit data
- Data is compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and the most stringent privacy regulations
- Users are empowered with the only access to copies of their data through digi.me and always choose when and with whom they share it.