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Analyzing spend & engagement across walled-gardened communities to predict
Users that utilize multiple platform uniformly cluster towards PC as their main platform despite how many platforms they own -- all until they own 5 consoles; at 5 consoles, then Xbox rivals PC as main platform for gamers of cross platform gaming. Likelihood of buying the new Xbox is highest among Xbox mainers. It is lowest in playstation mainers which solidifies the idea that they are direct substitution competitors.

We recommend targeting Mobile gamers who seem split on the idea of buying Xbox. It could be that they see themselves as untied to either brand, so there is a large untapped margin gain if those users are targeted. Users of 5 consoles are the most likely to buy the new Xbox, while users of only one console are least likely to buy the xbox unless they are xbox mainers.

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To gauge how likely gamers on different platforms would be to buy the recently announced xbox based on their subscriptions to xbox live, playstation network, and steam. We also analyzed which platforms they preferred to buy new games on.
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