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"Selling anonymized information to market researchers (as UBDI will) is different because the focus is on understanding trends rather than targeting individuals, and companies might use the information in ways that benefit society." - Slate

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Think of our 10 minute onboarding as applying for the easiest job you'll ever have... and guess what? You're hired! Get paid in cash & UBDI points to let your data voice your opinions to brands and companies.

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Everyone's making money off of your data - except you! The UBDI community changes the game entirely by protecting you & your data while getting companies the insights they need.

Data privacy protection
is our foundation

Whether it's our two app architecture to separate where your data lives from where it's monetized or our PrivateMatch technology that matches you with studies on your device so UBDI isn't creating centralized profiles -- privacy and data protection aren't just a feature to us-- they are at our core. integration

UBDI has partnered with award-winning data security & privacy leader to put you in control of your data & create 2 extra layers of security

PrivateMatch Technology

We have developed our own PrivateMatch Technology, which matches you with studies on device so neither UBDI nor our partners know who you are

Community driven
Universal Basic Data Income

Data is a global asset generated every second of everyday with every step, click, swipe, and view. Join our mission to help every person participate in the economic value of their data and insights.
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