Data Privacy

Data security, encryption, and privacy aren’t just a feature or fun tagline for us, they are THE core of what we do

Unlike other apps, you won’t find our privacy terms confusing and long because you and only YOU are in full control of your data. UBDI leaves the keys with you and ONLY you on your device so no researcher and not even UBDI can unlock your secured and encrypted data vault until you give us the okay!

UBDI provides checks and balances so you are always in control! We are constantly working with privacy advocates and experts across the globe to make this even more transparent and understandable for informed consent without people reading a boring ToS!

Our study detail page & consent screen clearly explains:

- how you were matched
- what data is leaving your device
- what data will be used
- and where it will live!

Review your studies within the wallet and look at the study detail page to see what data you’ve shared

Easily revoke access or
delete all your data in UBDI
with one click!

Use our data bomb to blow up your account. That is right, no dark patterns or hard ways to get out of our system. If you want to delete your data you can with a click of a button. Aggregated anonymized data previously participated in studies can’t be traced back to you so in those instances those insights will stay in the system.

While data can’t be edited we realize opinion data can be skewed. For surveys, the client will be revealed at the end of the study before data is sent to prevent bias, but you’ll be able to decide if you don’t want to participate before you send any data off!