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Why do I need two apps?

How does UBDI use my data?

How do you pay me? Can I withdraw money by linking finance in

We pay our users with cash and UBDI points. Cash is a one and done deal while UBDI's point system tracks your contribution so that we can give you special rewards in the future as the community data grows & becomes more valuable. UBDI points are backed by revenue from companies.

We've partnered with Stripe to seamlessly and securely process all payments so linking finance in does not set up your payment method. By going into the wallet of our application you can manage how you'd like your money sent whether it be a debit card or a bank account and you can withdraw your earnings at any time. Withdrawals are currently only available in US and Canada. Other countries can earn money but cannot yet withdraw. We are working on it!

Who is your partner, allows you to link over over 15,000 sources into a secure data vault that only you have access to giving you complete control of your data. Once you've connected data sources like Facebook, Fitbit, and Spotify, you can privately and securely share this data with apps for financial management, dating, navigation, etc!

Where is my data stored? How do you keep it safe?

-  Your encrypted data is then stored in a personal cloud of your choice (Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive) - never on's servers and encrypted so that each of these companies cannot see your data either
-  Data is encrypted inside the Private Sharing app as it imports from your accounts
- doesn't see touch or hold data, so you have the only key. ​​
-  Data is encrypted with a set of keys and ciphers equal to those of banks and the military​. If you'd like to do a deeper dive into security, click here.

​Why don't you just use blockchain for everything?

While blockchains are an incredible reliable means of recording transactions, their ability to cheaply, privately and securely store data is yet to be proven, with costs often exceeding $5/GB. We use proven technology with leading privacy expert,, to keep your data decentralized, protected, and in your complete control. ​