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How does it work?

UBDI helps people make money by sharing anonymous insights from their data that companies need for market research. We use private sharing technology to ensure only aggregated, anonymized information from members is used.

Every time a company purchases a study, our users get paid in cash and UBDI points to track their contributions for special rewards and voting rights!

Create your private data bank by linking data sources

Our architecture gives you the only key to your encrypted data bank so whether it be earning money from a brand, letting your data compete in a challenge, or viewing others opinions on polls, you pick how your data is used and shared at all times


Learn what your data says about you with UBDI traits

Linking different data sources will generate traits that you can accept or reject to match you with groups of people like you


Get notified when traits match you with a paid opportunity

We don’t believe in wasting time! Accept studies, ads, and offers that pay you in cash and UBDI points as our community grows

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Universal Basic Data Income

Did you know that 78% of workers live paycheck to paycheck? It’s our mission to fix this statistic with an asset you already have! Be part of our community where you can help every person participate in the economic value of their data and insights with little to no work. Join our mission today!
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