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Make money for securely sharing insights from your data for market research studies

How does it work?

UBDI helps people make money by sharing anonymous insights from their data that companies need for market research. We use private sharing technology by to ensure only aggregated, anonymized information from members is used.

Every time a company purchases a study, our users get paid in cash and UBDI points to track their contributions for special rewards and voting rights!

Link accounts to your private data vault using

We provide you a secure & encrypted data vault through our partner where you can link accounts from thousands of data sources & privately review and share data. No one except you - not even - has access to your private data.


Create tags to be privately matched with studies

Our PrivateMatch Technology lets us show you the studies that are right for you, without knowing who you are. Tags are kept on device, so neither you, nor our UBDI partners hold any personally identifiable information!


Select which market research studies interest you

You've already qualified for the studies you see so the money and points presented can easily be yours.  Pick the studies that interest you and follow the instructions to earn.


Get a detailed view and choose to participate

Give the UBDI app permission to retrieve specific insights from your data.
Each study will have:

-  The insight you are contributing to
​-  The data and survey insights required
-  The company(s) who want to use this information
-  The number of spots left


Earn cash and UBDI points

You get cash and UBDI points with every study you participate in! UBDI points track your contributions to our network and will give you access to special rewards and voting rights in the future!

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