Why digi.me?

We are partnered with digi.me, the recognized world leader in user-controlled data vaults and private sharing. Digi.me gives control of your data to you and ONLY you. They don’t see, touch or hold your data and let you store your encrypted data where you choose.

By using their private sharing technology, UBDI can only extract permissioned insights from your digi.me app and can anonymize and analyze your data on the device protecting you and your data.

Digi.me's privacy by design architecture enhances security on multiple levels

- Data is stored encrypted with multiple keys to keep it private from cloud storage providers (and everyone else)​

- All data sharing is easily auditable in the digi.me app

- The individual can easily stop or revoke access to data

Digi.me provides checks and balances so you are always in control!

- The Private Sharing consent screen clearly explains what data will be used, for what purpose, and whether a copy will be stored

​- You can review your private shares inside digi.me - and revoke access with the click of a button!

- This way you are protected from UBDI by design and we cannot extract data without your permission