It's time for a Universal Basic Data Income

Like pictures on Instagram? Search for answers on Google? Shop for necessities on Amazon? Answer yes to any or all of those questions? Then you’ve helped companies make billions of dollars last year... and you didn't get a cut!
UBDI is here to help you do that.

Did we mention
you get paid? 

With UBDI, you are in charge and don’t have to question how your data is being used. Choose when, and with whom your data is shared and make money with a single swipe.

Put your data to work for you

Everything you touch digitally is collected and sold to the highest bidder. And if that doesn’t seem fair to you, then you’re in the right place. Take back what’s rightfully yours: your data, and earn money that you’re rightfully owed. UBDI enables you to get paid in cash & UBDI tokens for contributing your data and participating in research studies.

Data privacy protection
is our foundation

Whether it's our two app architecture to separate where your data lives from where it's monetized or our PrivateMatch technology that matches you with studies on your device so UBDI isn't creating centralized profiles -- privacy and data protection aren't just a feature to us-- they are at our core.

Data Privacy

We are constantly working with privacy advocates and experts across the globe to make this even more transparent and understandable

PrivateMatch Technology

We have developed our own PrivateMatch Technology, which matches you with studies on device so neither UBDI nor our partners know who you are

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Universal Basic Data Income

Did you know that 78% of workers live paycheck to paycheck? It’s our mission to fix this statistic with an asset you already have! Be part of our community where you can help every person participate in the economic value of their data and insights with little to no work. Join our mission today!
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